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Harkers Island

Harkers Island

Location : North Carolina
Foreman : Scott Robards

One of our most memorable and unique projects that highlights how set apart JRC is from our competitors.

The Project scope consisted of placing over 20,000 tons of granite in the ocean adjacent to the eroding Harkers Island shore line. This project is not a project that most people sit back and dream of. Instead, it is a project that consists of lots of preparation and planning in order for it to even be a reality. This project came at a time in the economy where every job was was needed in order to keep the work force moving.

Ambraw Levee

Location: Lawrenceville, Illinois
Project Manager: Scott Robards

Pond Creek

Th Pond Creek Northern Ditch job included massive earthwork of over 330,000 cubic yards as well as the realignment of the creek for a more natural flow line. We also installed storm drainage, erosion control, and the addition of the Greenway Trail System for the City of Louisville.

Elizabethtown Sports Park

Elizabethtown, KY

General Contractor: Jenkins Essex

Project Manager: Jeff Robards

Foreman: Chris Janes

This nationally acclaimed Sports Park involved mass earthwork of over 600,000 cubic yards and installation of roads, waterlines, sewer, storm, building pads, seed, straw, sod, landscape, and athletic fields.

Ft. Knox, KY

General Contractor: H.W. Pence

This job included mass earth work of over 90,000 cubic yards, Installation of Access Roads, Storm Drainage, and Target Site Obstacles built of Concrete Block and Timber Logs.